Inflatable Fun Park Team

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  • Please note there is a staff discount available to utilise at the bar and cafe of 25%

  • Pay dates as follows: Wed 6 Jan, Wed 20 Jan, Wed 3 Feb

  • Pay day Pizzas and drink (after shift)

Shift Start

Shift End

Staff roles available:

  • Splash Zone Operator - 

Supervision of the pool, need to be extremely vigilant, with no distractions. 

Rules to remember:

1 customer per entry at any time including the obstacle course to the slide and the stairs to the pool

Maintenance on the pools required, ensure your job area is clean and tidy before we open and before you leave.

Remuneration for this role is $70.00 per completed shift

  • Inflatable Fun Park Operator 

Responsible for the operations throughout the park, maintenance, cleaning, observing customers, engaging with customers and ensuring a positive experience for all visitors. 

Remuneration for this role is $60.00 per shift

Both roles are to be flexible with operations, expected roles to be 11.15am - 4pm with x2 15 minute breaks